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Fluent shelving

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  Fluent shelving 
    Fluent shelving, as one of the best-selling shelving systems in Guangzhou Shelf Factory, is a warehouse management helper with extremely high space utilization. It is suitable for electronics factories, auto parts factories, shoes and clothing e-commerce and other fields. When many purchasers order fluent shelves, do they really want to know that Maoming fluent shelves are expensive? What are the benefits of fluent shelves? Let's talk a little bit.

    Fluent shelves, as one of many shelf types, still depend on the strong functions that can be reached. Guangzhou Shelf Factory takes you to understand the benefits of fluent shelves!
1. The surface treatment is epoxy resin electrostatic spray treatment, which has a strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect.
2. The beam of the fluent rack is the same as that of other types of racks. The main component is the addition of many fluent strips that can be connected to the beam. The skewed viewpoint of the fluent strip device usually depends on the size and weight of the container and the fluent rack. Depth, the carrying capacity of the fluent strip roller is 6kg / piece, when the goods are heavier, it can be equipped with 3-4 fluent strips in a raceway. Usually a support beam is installed every 0.6 meters in the depth direction to add the rigidity of the fluent strip. When the raceway is long, the raceway can be separated by a partition plate, and a brake pad is required at the pickup end to slow down the goods. To reduce impact.
3. Fluent shelves can be divided into two types, heavy and medium, which are suitable for placing goods of different weights. Medium fluent shelves are usually three- or four-post. The depth of the shelf is generally no more than 2m, while heavy fluent shelves, The usual warehouse shelf factory is mainly based on two columns or three columns, and the depth is the same as that of medium fluent shelves.
4. Fluent shelf is a type of shelf transformed from medium-sized shelf and beam shelf to cater for special storage environment. Add fluent strips between the front and rear beams of the shelf. The point of view is between 4-5 degrees. By its own weight, it slides actively from the high end to the low end. Compared with other normal shelves, the fluent shelf structure can satisfy the first-in first-out request, and then can improve work efficiency.


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