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Industry secrets on Supermarket Shelves?

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Supermarket shelves
    Industry secrets on supermarket shelves? An important user of shelves is the placement of goods in supermarkets. For short, supermarket shelves, Voltbond shelves have been engaged in shelf production for many years. They are well-known to industry secrets such as supermarket shelves and supermarket shelf placement. 
There are hidden rules for the placement of goods in supermarkets, that is, the scientific nature of shelf placement. The closer the production date is to the rear; the more expensive it is, the more conspicuous. Does the situation exist? In front of the Oreo cookie shelf, the cookies are placed earlier in accordance with the production date, and the later the production date is placed behind the shelf or even deeper. For example, the production date is placed in front of April 24, 2012, and the production date hidden behind the buttocks has suddenly changed to June 15, 2012, and the depths are September 9, 2012, etc. Wait.
    At a beverage counter in a supermarket, the salesperson puts the one closest to the production date and time in the back, and the one farther away from the production date and time in the front. The reason seems to be the same: in the cooked food area of ​​a supermarket, the salesperson brings out the steamed buns, first picks up the cold buns on the counter, puts the hot buns below, and then puts the cold buns on top.
    This may indeed be an open secret in the industry. Arranging the goods in this way is only a means of sales, and does not mean that the quality of the previous goods is not good, or the shelf life has passed. I just want to sell the goods produced first and then produce them later. If the goods are not sold out near the shelf life, the supermarket will put these goods to the temporary goods counter, and if they can't be sold out, they will be taken off the shelf. Every time the content of the event is planned, different content and forms should be changed according to the trend. Jewelry is a very time-sensitive product. In the era of self-consciousness, the most unbearable is people who are outdated and similar. This requires planners to constantly change their brains and come up with new ways to attract customers' attention in a changing way.
The environment can affect people's moods and emotions, and carefully create a pleasant shopping environment, making customers willing to stay in the store, so impulsive purchases occur. The service is in place and special service items are opened according to customer requirements, which mainly reflects the humanistic atmosphere of the store. Such as providing raw materials, encouraging customers to make their own styles by themselves, providing style replacement services, and changing the styles if the customers feel dissatisfied with the sale of jewelry for a certain period of time.


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