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What types of shelves can be divided into?

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What types of shelves can be divided into?

The types of shelves can be generally divided into storage shelves for warehouses and supermarket shelves for supermarket stores.
The characteristics of the two types of shelves are different. Storage shelves have high requirements for structure and load-bearing, but low requirements for appearance, while supermarket shelves have high requirements for appearance and low requirements for load-bearing. Therefore, the two types of shelves have been basically distinguished and occupy the corresponding market. Next, analyze the two types of shelves in detail.
Firstly, the storage shelf is introduced. The storage shelf is mainly used in enterprise warehouses, factories and other places. The main purpose is to store goods. There is a great demand for the bearing capacity of the storage shelf, the operation convenience of goods storage, space utilization and so on, but there is usually no demand for the appearance.
Storage shelves can also be subdivided into categories, such as beam shelves, through shelves, attic shelves, cantilever shelves, mold shelves, etc.
The main material of storage shelves is steel. Because steel has excellent mechanical properties and processing performance, good load-bearing effect, strong weldability, and low price of steel raw materials, steel has become a widely used material in storage shelves.
Next, it introduces supermarket shelves, which are mainly used in supermarkets and stores. Supermarket shelves can be divided into single-sided back net shelves, double-sided back net shelves, single-sided four column shelves, single-sided back plate shelves, double-sided back plate shelves, single-sided glass shelves, double-sided glass shelves and so on.
The main purpose of supermarket shelves is commodity display. In order to improve customers' shopping experience, there are high requirements for the appearance of shelves.
Because the goods are generally light, the demand for load-bearing is not high. The materials commonly used in supermarket shelves include plastic shelves, wooden shelves, steel shelves, aluminum shelves, paper shelves and so on.
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