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How can supermarket shelves be arranged so that customers ca

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How can supermarket shelves be arranged so that customers can have more consumption?

We live in this society. There will be all kinds of consumption every day. Eating, wearing, living, transportation and so on are consumption. So how can the supermarket shelves be arranged so that customers can have more consumption?
Today's talk is to divide the shelves and layer the goods according to the characteristics of customer groups, so that customers can go deep into the supermarket step by step for consumption
I Customer group characteristics:
For data analysis of customers, it is necessary to know what consumption level customers belong to;
Prefer practical consumption, preference consumption or impulse consumption, etc. determine the general commodity trend of the supermarket according to the customer data
II Shelf partition:
The supermarket site is divided by shelves, and the connection between areas is carried out according to the characteristics of goods. For example, Xiaoji's consumption preference for shopping in the supermarket is as follows:
When you enter the supermarket, you will see special or festival representative commodities, and then customers will prefer to see large bottles of mineral water; Coke or other family life specials;
Then there are some snacks, fast food, yogurt and other cold collections. Later, you will want to see fresh fruits, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, tea, rice and daily necessities,
Then return to the cashier position
From entering the supermarket to coming out of the circle, they are grouped into lines according to several different consumption habits,
As long as it meets customers' psychological expectations, there is no need to worry that customers do not go deep into the supermarket for consumption
III Product stratification:
The high cabinet and middle shelf of supermarket shelves are divided into several layers, and the golden position is the layer parallel to the customer's line of sight. On the golden layer, pop models or personalized and profit models, activity models or new models are placed,
Attract customers' attention with the gold layer, and then display goods of similar nature or related goods at the upper or lower levels, so that customers can not only have more choices, but also make choices quickly against the background of other goods. How can supermarket shelves be arranged to allow customers to have more consumption?
From the above three points, we can conclude that "details determine success or failure". Whether it is analyzing customer data or dividing goods on shelves, the core is details. As long as you really look at problems from the perspective of customers, you will continue to explore more tricks to increase consumption
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