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supermarket shelves display tips

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Understanding the knowledge of these shelves will help you open a shop better

In today's commercial society, every business needs to go to the counter as long as it opens a shop.
No matter what industry it is, mother and baby stores, convenience stores, bookstores, stationery stores, supermarkets, men's clothing stores, women's clothing stores, snack stores, electrical stores, mobile phone stores, jewelry stores, fresh food stores, lighting stores, life hall collection stores.
For example, what famous and excellent products, KKV hall, recently popular electronic cigarette stores, and even many big brands, such as Mengniu, Gree and bathroom, too many strange counters are designed to deal with their own style and positioning display shelves according to their own brands.
Now there are many showcase factories all over the country, in every province and city, but it's just a matter of scale or size.

So the threshold is not very high, there is no special technical content, but the quality requirements of various brands are different.

Although there is no technical content, the key is the cooperation of factory technical management, which can show the strength of the factory. However, each factory, large or small, has more expertise, because it is more familiar, skilled and experienced.
For example, a factory has many customers working on jewelry counters. That is to be professional and faster. It's not that other factories can't do it. There are many customers who make clothes. It takes time to make fresh food stores, although they can do it. The whole industry can't do without that factory.
Therefore, all brands or people who open their own stores need to find corresponding manufacturers. The quotation of each manufacturer is different for the same counter quality and process.
One is the scale of the factory, the other is the corresponding product category, and the experience of the category that has done the most in its own factory.

Although the shelf display cabinet is simple, it is a complex thing, involving many materials. Some counter plates are used several times, as well as several lamps, paints, hardware, stainless steel, organic acrylic, corrosion process, UV printing, glass sand blasting and toughening.

It can also be said that it is not a simple project. In a word, the corresponding brand can be matched with the corresponding manufacturer. The place near the manufacturer is not necessarily cheap, and the place far away is not necessarily expensive. If you have this problem, you can communicate with me at any time and explain it for free!
supermarket shelves display


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