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Do you know these tips for supermarket shelf layout

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Do you know these tips for supermarket shelf layout
In modern life, what people feel is material, but what they really enjoy is spiritual level. How can our supermarket shelf layout make it easier to enter the psychology of customers, and bury a seed that is about to sprout, so that customers can think of you when they want to buy something?
Today, jixiuer shelf editor will talk to you about two tips for supermarket shelf layout:
Shelf layout at supermarket entrance:

Whether it's a large supermarket in the mall or a small supermarket on the street, we first see it when we stroll, and then decide whether to go in. Therefore, the shelves at the door must not be too high. After displaying the goods, we can also see the scene in the supermarket.

The aisle width should be moderate and smooth, because psychologically, Being able to see the general situation of the store from the outside can reduce customers' vigilance to a certain extent, and the aisle with moderate width and smooth appearance will make customers feel relaxed psychologically and comfortable mentally

Supermarket middle position layout:

The Midland cabinet with a short layout in the middle can find the goods you want most quickly from the perspective of customers;
Starting from the corner of the commodity display, the middle is low and the four sides are high, which can display more commodities to the customer's sight to the greatest extent. Another key point is to take care of the customer's psychology, because such a layout will enable customers to concentrate when shopping in the supermarket. Placing the higher shelves against the wall can make customers feel safe without worrying about the possible collapse of the shelves; Accidents such as falling goods
Do you understand the tips of supermarket shelf layout?
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