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What is the shelf? What role can it play?

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What is the shelf? What role can it play?

1、 What is the concept of shelf?

The concept of shelf refers to the shelf for storing goods, which can be divided into supermarket shelf and storage shelf. Supermarket shelf refers to the shelf specially used for storing goods for customers to browse, and storage shelf refers to the storage equipment specially used for storing goods.
With the development of modern industry and the surge of logistics volume, how to maximize the utilization of warehouse space and how to improve the use volume of warehouse have become a very important part of modern warehouse management. Through rational use of shelves, we can effectively save costs, maximize space utilization and improve operation efficiency. Therefore, shelves occupy a very important position in logistics and warehouse.
There are many types of shelves, such as beam shelf, through shelf, attic shelf, cantilever shelf, mold shelf, etc., which can meet the storage needs under different circumstances, including mechanization and automation. Warehouse management can realize modernization, which is directly related to the types and functions of shelves.

2、 What are the functions of shelves?

1. When the shelf is not used for storage, the maximum weight that can be stacked shall be considered to avoid damage to the goods, so the storage capacity is relatively low. Compared with directly stacking goods, shelves have the advantage of multi-layer space. Each shelf can store the corresponding amount of goods before. Without changing the floor area, using shelves can make more full use of the warehouse space and expand the storage capacity of the warehouse. The number, height and load capacity of shelves can also be customized according to the needs of customers, Meet the storage needs of different goods.
2. Many shelf types can meet mechanized and automatic operations, such as placing goods on pallets and loading and unloading by forklifts. Mechanized loading and unloading can greatly improve the efficiency. In addition, different types of shelves have different advantages, which will not be introduced in detail here.
3. The shelf is conducive to taking moisture-proof, dust-proof and other protective measures, which can more effectively ensure the quality of stored goods.
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