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The loft shelves

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The loft shelves
    The loft shelves are also the loft shelves we often say, and the loft shelves we often say should actually be called the loft shelves system, because we are not only selling a product, but more importantly, helping customers to make loft shelves. Help customers solve the storage problem, so we will use the attic rack as a storage system project. The basic principle of this system is to build an intermediate loft on the existing work site or shelf to increase the storage space. It can be used as a two or three-story attic. It is suitable to store some light foam and small and medium-sized goods. It is suitable for many varieties and large items. Goods are delivered in batches or multiple varieties in small batches. The goods are accessed manually. The goods are usually delivered to the second and third floors by forklifts, hydraulic lifts or freight elevators, and then delivered to a certain location by light trolleys or hydraulic pallet trucks. Loft-type shelves usually use medium-sized or heavy-duty shelves as the support of the main body and floor panels (deciding which shelf to choose based on the total load capacity of the unit shelf). Floor panels usually use cold-rolled steel floor plates and patterned steel floor plates. Or steel grill floor. Such systems have more applications in the field of automotive parts, automotive 4S shops, light industry, electronics and other industries.
    Advantages of the attic shelf: The attic shelf has the advantages of strong load capacity, good integrity, good load uniformity, high accuracy, flat surface, easy locking, etc .; there are many types to choose from. The following is a schematic diagram of the structure of the attic shelf. After reading the schematic diagram of the structure of the attic shelf, you will have a deeper understanding of the attic shelf.


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