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What types of shelves are there? How to choose?

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     Shelf type selection is mainly based on their own characteristics and needs. On the one hand, they can preliminarily determine the type and size they want to choose by understanding the introduction of shelf related enterprises; On the other hand, the nature, access mode and access frequency of goods stored on shelves should be directly returned to the shelf supply enterprises, so that their professionals can help to choose and give reasonable suggestions.
    1、 Angle steel shelf angle steel shelf is a shelf type with weak bearing capacity. It is not cost-effective, but cheap. It is a better choice for storing lighter goods. The main components are columns and laminates, usually without beams.
    2、 The combined structure of middle a shelf and middle B shelf is similar. They are all shelf types with general bearing capacity. The bearing capacity is much stronger than that of angle steel shelf, and the structure is more stable. It is safer to store goods. The main components are columns, laminates and beams, and some will be added with diagonal pull rods to increase stability. The laminates can be adjusted up and down according to the demand.
    3、 Crossbeam shelves crossbeam shelves are generally heavy-duty shelves with strong load-bearing capacity. They mainly store goods on pallets, and usually access goods with forklifts. Their combined components mainly include columns and crossbeams, as well as protective columns, etc.
    The above is the shelf type I want to talk about today. For more information, you can log in to Heda shelf website to learn more, or contact us to obtain the quotation scheme for free.