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how should different types of enterprises in different indus

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    With the development of the shelf industry, shelves can be used in all walks of life through different combination forms, which not only improves the warehouse space utilization of enterprises, but also brings many conveniences to the warehouse management of enterprises.
    So, how should different types of enterprises in different industries choose shelf types? Light shelf light shelf is divided into light A-type shelf and light B-type shelf. Light type a shelf is commonly referred to as angle steel shelf, which has small load-bearing and poor stability. Theoretically, the maximum load-bearing capacity of each layer is 150kg, but considering the stability and safety problems in practical use, its maximum load-bearing is generally recommended to be 50-100kg, and its price is cheap and beautiful.
    It is widely used in electronics industry and small parts warehouse; Light B-type shelf is commonly referred to as light shelf. Because the column adopts C-type steel, the column piece is equipped with transverse bracing and diagonal bracing, and the laminate falls on two p-beams, the stress area is larger, and its stability and bearing capacity are better than angle steel shelf. It is suitable for storing light and medium-sized goods and manual access.
     It is widely used in storage needs such as factories and shopping malls. Choice: if each layer of goods is about 50kg, and the customer pays attention to the appearance and wants to invest less in the early stage, you can choose angle steel shelf (light A-type shelf); If each layer of goods is more than 50kg, and the shelf is full of goods for a long time, and pay attention to the stability and safety of the shelf, the light shelf (light B shelf) is better.

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