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Design and customization requirements of steel and Wood Shel

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Design and customization requirements of steel and Wood Shelves

    II. Confirm the connection mode of steel and wood shelves

    The connection modes of steel and wood shelves are mainly plug-in, bolt connection and welding. Customers can confirm the appropriate connection mode according to the installation occasions and use needs of steel and wood shelves. It is advocated to use plug-in and bolt connection. Considering the convenience of transportation, installation and movement, the shelf of assembly mode is more suitable. The steel wood combined shelf manufactured by yeshen generally adopts the plug-in mode, which is simple and saves manpower.

    III. confirm the dimensions of steel and Wood Shelves

    The scale of steel and wood shelves is very important, because it is related to the utilization rate of wood. Because the standard board scales are 1.2m * 2.4m, and the height of boutique supermarket shelves is generally 1.35M, which restricts the length and height of shelves. Therefore, the length of steel and wood shelves is generally constrained within 1m, mostly 700mm and 900mm. At the height, 2.4m is already the highest height. Steel and wood shelf customization confirms that the scale of the shelf is not only due to the demand for cost control, but also the embodiment of the rational use of wood resources. Therefore, it is advocated that customers should not pursue personalized scale too much, and then cause waste and investment of wood.

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