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supermarket shelves uk empty

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supermarket shelves uk empty

Empty shelves at Sainsbury supermarket in London.
A similar situation has occurred in most parts of the UK, because the shortage of truck drivers has disrupted the supply chain, and the rise in energy prices has led to the stagnation of carbon dioxide production, a gas vital to food production and transportation.
With Christmas approaching, supermarket shelves and Christmas trees will be empty, supermarket shelves uk which will only exacerbate the pressure on British consumers in the supply chain crisis.
The country has just recovered from a fuel shortage caused by a lack of heavy truck drivers, who quarreled in the front yard and set up groups on Facebook to find gas stations with sufficient stocks.
It is reported that due to the shortage of truck drivers, the cargo ship ran aground in Felixstowe, Britain's largest container port, for several days, and the cargo ship owner is shutting the cargo ship out, which will only exacerbate the depressed mood in Britain.
Although many believe that the chaos proves that brexit is ending in chaos because red tape restricts the transportation of goods between Britain and Europe, the reason for the crisis is far more than that.
Richard Ballantyne, chief executive of the British Ports Association, said of the recent challenges facing the country's ports: "it is not the UK that is troubled by these problems."
Therefore, if we can overcome these difficulties and open a supermarket with sufficient goods, there will be no shortage of customers. How can Britain solve the crisis of empty supermarket shelves?
supermarket shelves uk


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