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Why are supermarket shelves empty?

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American supermarket shelves are empty. Why are supermarket shelves empty?

"If you don't go to the supermarket shelves empty early, you may not buy anything."
Lack of food, drink and people
American reporter: I'm short of everything anyway
David, who now lives in Waco, Texas, told the media: around the beginning of August, many supermarkets began to have a shortage of food and daily necessities, and some began to restrict the purchase early. For example, one person was limited to one paper towel, two boxes of bottled water, two packs of about 3 pounds of ground beef per person, as well as cereal, milk and some canned products.
"For more than two months, the shortage has not improved, but has become more and more serious." David said that he has been preparing for this winter.
In February this year, Texas experienced the worst snowstorm in the coldest winter in history. David and his family blocked the doors and windows with thick blankets and quilts, and didn't step out of the house for 10 days. Now his biggest worry is that "this winter is likely to repeat the same mistakes."
It will take many years to repair the power grid, so it has not been repaired or upgraded. If Texas has no water and power again, and we don't have enough food, how can we survive the winter? "
From the beginning of September, David began to consciously "overspend". He said: "I have stored 20 boxes of bottled water, more than 10 boxes of soda, and about 60 boxes of instant cereals. I can eat them with hot water. I'm trying to get ready." nevertheless, David feels that he has no bottom in his heart. Only by constantly going to the supermarket can he calm his anxiety.
David's hoarding mentality is by no means "non mainstream". On September 29, a public opinion survey launched by Oracle found that in the past year, 60% of Americans said they could not buy some goods due to material shortage, 91% were planning to change their purchase behavior in the future, of which 49% said they would buy and hoard goods in large quantities. "Am I the only one who feels that America has nothing now?"
On October 7, Derek Thompson, an American journalist, also raised questions in an article entitled "America is running out".How should people deal with the situation that supermarket shelves are empty?
supermarket shelves empty


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