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What is the difference between storage shelves and supermark

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   Storage shelves and supermarket shelves both play a basic role in storing goods, but due to the different scenarios used by the two, there will be differences in the appearance and functional practicability of the shelves. Next, let’s analyze in detail:

   1. Appearance difference

   Supermarket shelves are mainly used in supermarkets, shopping malls or shops and other places, mainly used to display goods. In order to bring customers a better shopping experience, the appearance of supermarket shelves will be more exquisite and the styles will be diversified. Storage shelves are usually used in factories, warehouses and other places, usually not in direct contact with customers, have little demand for aesthetics, pay more attention to practicality, and generally have a monotonous style.

  2, storage load-bearing difference

  The function of supermarket shelves is mainly to display. Products are generally not placed too much. The weight of the products carried by them is generally lighter. They can be replenished at any time in the future. Therefore, the demand for storage capacity and load capacity of supermarket shelves is not high. Storage shelves are mainly used for large-scale storage and retrieval. The quantity of goods is large and the weight is large. The storage capacity and load capacity of the shelves are relatively high, so the demand for corresponding materials will be higher.
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  3, height difference

   Supermarket shelves are mainly for customers to buy goods, so their height is usually designed based on the height of a person, which is convenient for customers to pick and place. The height of supermarket shelves is usually below three meters. Compared with supermarket shelves, storage shelves are mainly used in factory warehouses. The height of factory warehouses is generally higher. In order to make full use of storage space, the design and planning of storage shelves will be developed higher, and the maximum height can reach more than 40 meters.
   4. Material difference
   Since supermarket shelves do not require high loading capacity, the materials of supermarket shelves are usually plastic shelves, wooden shelves, aluminum shelves and so on. The storage racks have high requirements for load capacity, and the materials are usually steel racks, which have the advantages of large load-bearing capacity and long service life.
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