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What is a supermarket shelf

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supermarket shelf
    Supermarket shelves refer to supermarket shelves used for display, and generally use single-sided supermarket shelves with a width of 680mm as the end shelves. End display refers to the product display that displays the product on both ends of the shelf facing the aisle. The products displayed at the end can be a single product or a combination of products, the latter works better. A survey was conducted in the United States, and the survey materials showed that changing a single product display to a combined product display would greatly increase sales. The combined product of the end display can obtain greater benefits than the single product, so the end display should be based on the product with strong combination and relevance. At present, many of the central display racks used in many domestic stores are semi-circular ends, which is equivalent to wasting the space for golden display. Taking advantage of the product display of the end, you can remove the semi-circular end and put it on a single-sided shelf to start the end display.


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