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How to choose supermarket shelves?

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upermarket shelves
    When many customers choose Chengdu supermarket shelves, the first thing that comes to mind is the price, but there are not many companies specializing in the processing and manufacturing of supermarket shelves, and even fewer are able to design store layouts. Under the present situation of cost transparency, the price difference of various manufacturers will not be too big. If the shelf price of the same specification model is too different, then customers should pay attention when choosing and comparing. In addition to the price factor, the selection of supermarket shelves also includes factors such as style, color, height, package installation, convenience during use, service life, and after-sales service.
    Before choosing a supermarket shelf, the layout design of the shelf and the cash register should be designed according to the size of the customer's storefront. If the customer does not do this homework, he will be passive when purchasing and restocking later. Common forms of supermarket shelves are single-sided shelves, double-sided shelves, end shelves, promotional tables, bread racks, newspaper racks, magazine racks, fruit and vegetable racks, etc. When customers choose shelves, they need to be reasonable according to the scope of their own products Choices, such as the choice of bread racks, for general convenience stores, choose 1-2 sections of bread shelves. Fruits and vegetables are commodities with high profits but high consumption. Reasonable selection of fruit and vegetable racks and sales of fruits and vegetables can promote the increase in turnover.
    The color of supermarket shelves is generally white or brown. If it is a boutique convenience store or a specialty store, steel-wood combined shelves, such as pregnant and baby stores, pet supplies stores, are used. The proportion of steel-wood combined shelves is very high.
   When customers choose supermarket shelves, they should also consider the installation and after-sales service of shelves. The installation of shelves is a certain difficulty for general store owners, and manufacturers can help them install. In addition, the convenience of using the shelves should also be considered. For example, tobacco and wine cabinets, many customers choose aluminum alloy display racks, which can not display goods well and cannot adjust the height of the laminate. Customers choose this The only reason for this kind of shelf is that the price is cheap. In fact, the overall consistency of the equipment such as the shelf and the cash register is the best. Together, the storefront is filled with shelves of different manufacturers and different styles. it is good.


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