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Common backplane styles of supermarket shelves

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Common backplane styles of supermarket shelves
Common backplane styles of supermarket shelves
    Supermarket backboard shelves are a more common form of supermarket shelves. In addition to being beautiful, the backboard also plays a role in connecting the shelf columns and stabilizing the shelves. There are many types of backboards, and customers can choose and use according to their needs. . Below, Heda Shelves will briefly explain several common backplane styles for everyone.
1. Net backplane form
  The net backplane form is also often called the back net, sometimes as a separate shelf form. The back net is characterized by good permeability and easy installation.
2. Press block backboard shelf
The briquetting back plate shelf is because the back plate of the shelf adopts the briquetting process, which is formed by buckling the briquetting plates. The briquetting back plate is easy to install. It is often used in traditional shopping malls and supermarkets because the height of the supermarket shelves is higher. The installation of the pressure block back plate is much simpler. An evolution of the pressure block back plate rack is to use the splicing method and directly use the column holes of the rack to fix it.
3. Wooden backboard shelves
Wooden backboard shelves are widely used in places such as pregnant and infant stores and imported goods displays. They have been widely used in recent years. Compared with wooden backboard shelves, there are Muji and FamilyMart convenience store shelves. Hercules can also provide a variety of wooden shelves. Backboard shelves are available for selection.


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