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Characteristics of Medium Duty Storage Shelves

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Medium duty storage shelves
    Medium duty storage shelves are one of many brands and specifications of industrial shelves. They are generally divided into standard and non-standard types: 1. Standard type: beautiful appearance, wide application area, convenient installation and removal (75mm pitch adjustment) 100㎏ ~ 500㎏; 2. Non-standard type: It is characterized by large span and large load, 75mm pitch adjustment, novel appearance, and load of 300㎏ ~ 1000㎏. Medium-sized shelves are sturdy and strong, and have a large carrying capacity. Medium-sized shelves are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprise warehouses and public institutions. Usually divided into medium-weight A-type shelves, medium-weight B-type shelves and medium-weight C-type shelves. Generally, it can be disassembled and assembled, and the height of the laminate can be adjusted; the load-bearing layer can bear 200-800 kg; all the metal parts of the shelf are rust-proofed and the surface is electrostatically sprayed; the medium-sized shelf is suitable for storing goods in large, medium and small warehouses.


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