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If you buy supermarket / storage shelves, can you design acc

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If you buy supermarket / storage shelves, can you design according to the site
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    Guangzhou Heda shelf Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, specializes in the production of supermarket and storage shelves.
    Many customers have space and need to buy shelves, but they are troubled by some details, such as: how do shelves need to be placed? Does it occupy the fire passage? Can you pass the fire inspection? Is it convenient to pick up the goods after the device? And so on. In fact, these problems are easy to solve for Heda shelf. As long as the customer contacts us, we will have engineering designers to design the shelf style, design the scheme and layout the site according to the actual situation and actual needs of the customer's warehouse. We will make a quotation after the customer is satisfied.
    If there are still detailed problems to be solved at the subsequent customer's site. These many problems can be solved to eliminate concerns for customers. We should have a professional engineering team, professional knowledge and professional solutions.