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What are the outstanding features of Heda supermarket shelve

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    What are the outstanding features of Heda supermarket shelves? Fruit and vegetable shelves can be used to display commodities, which can effectively prevent moisture, dust, theft, and damage, and improve the storage quality of materials. The use of fruit and vegetable shelves to display commodities can effectively use the limited business space, order the products in an orderly manner, and allow customers to quickly convey product information to customers. Through the perceptual display of commodities, the purchase determination is stimulated and strengthened. At the same time, fruits and vegetables The fruit and vegetable shelves on the shelves can also effectively use the limited commercial space, organize the goods in an orderly manner, and let customers see the basic business facilities at a glance. The basic business facilities provide high-level customer service for sales staff.
    1. Luxurious appearance and elegant colors. It combines with the modern store environment and creates new business concepts
    2. Supermarket shelves can be combined with single-sided and double-sided fruit and vegetable shelves, single-sided fruit and vegetable shelves can be combined with corners, double-sided can be combined with semi-circles; layer spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily, noble and square
    3. The surface is treated with epoxy resin electrostatic spraying, with various colors and strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects. Increase the root of the bracket, increase the bearing capacity, increase the width and length of the laminate to meet the needs of large shopping malls
    4. Carrying capacity. The uprights and base feet are welded together to improve the safety factor of fruit and vegetable shelves, prevent the gradual change of fruit and vegetable shelves under heavy and strong conditions, and eliminate hidden safety hazards in shopping malls. Easy installation, various spreaders can be selected at will. Surface treatment, shot blasting, rust removal, oil removal, surface spraying.
    5. Good versatility, equipped with various accessories for the display of commodities, suitable for the needs of comprehensive supermarkets;


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