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Supermarket Shelves a disruptive model is coming

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Supermarket Shelves
Supermarket Shelves.Time-sharing rental cars have unmanned shelves, a disruptive model is coming
According to media reports, Zhu Xiaohu and well-known angel investor Wang Gang, the two of them jointly bid for an early project called Magic Jibian, and the recent round A financing may also be nearing completion. What Moji is doing is not complicated. In a nutshell, it is renting unmanned shelves on cars like Didi.
After getting in the car, the user can see the canvas shelves installed on the back of the front seat and the snack box between the seats. After scanning the QR code on it, he can place an order and settle the order. For drivers, as long as they have the compliance status on the Didi platform, they can apply for a deposit of 99 yuan. After the platform is approved, the driver needs to go to the offline site to activate, pick up, and train. The driver does not directly purchase the goods. It is borne by the platform, and the driver takes a percentage of the order. So do you think this business model is feasible?


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